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Introduction to Electroforming Course.

In this course we will carry out step by step the assembly of an electroformed equipment, as well as the practical and experiential procedure of the whole process.

HOW are we going to do it?

We will divide the course into 3 sessions, and here they describe:

1st session (duration 4 hours)

General explanation of the technique:
Process, possibilities, limitations and material. Preparation of the pieces for Electroforming: Selection of different materials.
Preparation of the Electrolytic Solution.

2nd session (duration 4 hours)

Montage del Equipo Beginning of the process. Formulations.
Care and maintenance.

3rd session (2 hours)

Health Care and Environment.

* The third session will take 1 week to give you time to experience and then meet again the last day, to be able to clarify all types of questions.
During this week we will have a group of whatsapp where you can have contact with me for any question, concern, unforeseen ... etc, in time to put in practice what you have learned.

. Days before the course starts, you will receive a document with all the information that will serve as a work dosier


We will learn how to carry out the whole process of electroforming in copper and the construction of a suitable equipment for work, as well as knowing its limits and exploring all the possibilities that the technique offers us.


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