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Colar da joalheira Gabriela Marcos, segunda colocada no concurso FIO III na categoria estudante internacional 

Materiais: flor de monstera eletroformada, fio de latão oxidado

Dimensões: 58 X 12 X 7cm


Título do trabalho: Everyday beauty


Statement: I try to highlight the beauty that nourished our daily life, listen what they have to say to me, which is the story they want to tell. Valuing its complexity allows me to reflect on new ways of thinking, new ways of opening up and showing up in new spaces.

Perhaps I intend to emphasize that concept, in observing the other, taking the time to read the signals things give us, stop at the details, analyze a certain situation differently, look from a new angle. Assess the changes produced and work with them. The process begins collecting certain natural elements selected because of their texture and shape, there is a process of drying before electroforming. This technique allows me to work with the original material to keep the carefully chosen shapes and textures intact.

Then I connect shapes that offer me a completely different vision. I focus on the details, on the marks that time leaves taxed and deepen in them.

A new way of seeing and observing.


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