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Material: silver

€ 130.00


Leku, a Basque word for place, gives its name to a jewelery collection that finds in the sculptor Eduardo Chillida the source of inspiration.

Geometric and free, almost architectural, Chillida's works seem to be born in nature and belong to the city. They are abstractions that carry messages of strength and balance, that contain the roughness of the rust, the hardness of the line and the subtlety of the curved line. They are volumes that play with light, bodies that weigh as much as their absence - they are space, while occupying space.

In the drawings, black and white defines contours and shapes, alluding to games of full-emptiness, tensions and movements. In the transition to three-dimensionality, sculptures gain in grandeur and expression.

How can a set of lines carry so much weight?

How can a stone block be so light?

From these contrasts is born a jewelery collection that also gives rise to the two creative facets of the author: the purity of the geometric line - in a set of linear pieces in silver - and the unpredictable freedom of the design - in a limited series of unique pendants, which celebrates the corten steel from Chillida through the warm colors of bronze.

ANA PINA | Earrings II

SKU: LK02.004
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