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Paola Pérez



My work emerges from experiments with diverse materials and

techniques, expressing concepts, perceptions and feelings through

creation and research.

I am passionate about contemporary jewellery and feel at home

telling stories through its craft. This work, “Without Prejudice”,

represents a search for new worlds, expressed through jewellery.

I want to challenge conventional notions of what excites us, or what

is rejected, like flies in the world of men.

“Without Prejudice” redirects our experience of flies and our

prejudices against them. My intention in recreating these tiny

insects, that multiply and come together, is to create pieces that

represent a tribute to their nature.

Coming together in nature, flies create aesthetic forms and textures

as well as having specific roles in the equilibrium of our planet. This

work is my personal vision of these phenomena, of small new



In nature, the fragility of these creatures renders them short-lived;

this jewellery is my tribute to their perfect existence.

The works are comprised of various alloys, including 950 Silver, 925

silver, bronze and employ casting techniques, applied polyester

resin and metal construction.

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