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Geraldine Fenn



"I'm a contemporary jeweler living in Johannesburg, South Africa, where I have a studio and gallery called Tinsel. I studied technology jewelery design in Durban, after graduating in Archeology at Wits, a few years ago I returned to Wits to do Art History and then a Masters in Fine Art. I participated in several jewelry and art group exhibitions, and two solo exhibitions.


In terms of style, my pieces are often quite layered and figurative and I like to use motifs associated with historic jewelry that are overtly sentimental.


I generally work with precious materials - silver, gold, diamonds, pearls and other precious stones - as well as less traditional materials such as plastics and ivory. Handwork is very important to me, and I make my pieces using traditional goldsmithing techniques.


My pieces are unique, but I can repeat certain elements, so if you want something the same but different, I can make it for you. I'm happy to make commissions - I love making bespoke jewellery, the more personal the better."


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