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Thais Costa



I was biologist, researcher in molecular immunology area till 2000. Two years later, I discovered jewelry, and that showed me as a new way to understand the world, the human being, myself.

I identify my work with the movement, the lightness and the simplicity of gesture. My most recent work conducts to the sketch, the raw, looking for the instant, the chance, as the protagonist of my expression.

I’ve been part of exhibitions in Brazil (Percurso exhibition, 2012 and Projeto Corrente, 2013, on ACasa Museum, São Paulo, Projeto Paz, 2013, Projeto Believe, 2014 and 2015, Galeria Patricia Centurion), Spain (Joya, Barcelona, 2012), Italy (Brazil Now, on Escuola Alchimia of Contemporary Jewelry, Florence, 2013) and Chile (Re-trato exhibition, Galeria E, 2015, Valparaiso). I’ve been part of 2015-2016 edition of Anuario de joyería contemporânea with the piece anéis yayoi.

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