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Telma Simões


"In 1998, I´ve finished studying goldsmithery and metals at secondary school António Arroio, concluded on internship with professor Madalena Avellar at Store/Studio in partnership called Elemento2, opened in 2000. In 2005, Elemento2 closed his doors and till year 2007 I´ve worked for some clients of mine, stores and been part of some exhibitions. On October 2007 to year 2014, I´ve worked on Galeria Reverso with jeweler/gallerist Paula Crespo, running her work. During this period, I´ve worked exclusively for Galeria Reverso. In 2014, I´ve restarted my work."




"My work can be seen as a compliment to Nature, to Architecture, to Human Being, or maybe is a compliment to space, or what we feel when space that surrounds us talk to us. Is the feelings between us and objects and firstly their atmosphere that I look forward to demonstrate in 2 pieces the place I dwell."

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