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Lisa Walker 


"Her work is a study about the differences on accepted notions of beauty or stereotypes, and something more - the search for a quality that we almost don’t see, but maybe we recognize it. Walker says: “I don’t want to do easily understanding pieces, I want people to work on new ways of understanding, new analogies and positions”. She’s always pushing to the boundary - a way to allow an expansion of thought  and methods of work.

Walker uses a huge variety of materials and techniques.

She does a work consciously active influenced by many parts of culture and life. Her pieces are most of the time linked to contemporary jewelry from past 40 years, questioning and researching what jewelry truly means, what can it be.

Walker puts her work around in the history, in the future and boundaries of jewelry. She does pieces for the future.

“Everything is fuel to art”

After many years living in Munich, Germany, Walker is now working in her hometown Wellington, New Zealand."

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