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Anna Vlahos


Anna Vlahos is an Australian jewellery artist, currently living and working in Athens, Greece.

She received a Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts) Honours from Edith Cowan University in Perth,

Western Australia, in 2002 with a major in printmaking and a minor in painting. She then went on to complete a Certificate IV in Jewellery Design and Manufacture.

In 2007 she moved to Athens, Greece and since then, she has been working as a studio jeweller, her work being shown in exhibitions in Greece, China, Italy, the USA, Brazil, Lithuania, France and Spain.

Anna´s work stems from an interest in the natural world, and draws from her history in two

dimensional printmaking, taking inspiration from the rich history of surface design of ancient

Greece, using this to rebuild a new nature inspired by Australian flora.

'Here in Greece, jewellery and art objects come out of the ground as though they grow down there. I think about ancient artisans, and how they viewed the natural world around them, their inspiration, and how their work was swallowed up by the environment for thousands of years.
With the techniques they used, the metals and the application of thousands of years underground, the metal becomes something organic, reminiscent again of the natural object that inspired each piece. Nature and time have worn away and deteriorated the objects. This is what I work to recreate- pieces that might be part of a newly discovered horde, or something equally at home on the forest floor.'

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